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key features:

keyframe manipulation

A collection of keyframe shortcuts and automation.  Blend mismatched keyframes, offset time or values incrementally or randomly, operate on whole rigs at once, add noise or harmonic motion between keys

animation browser

Save and load poses and animation to a library. Easily navigate with the  UI browser, view metadata on selected files before applying, apply to multiple characters/rigs at once.  Atomatically searches your project for existing animation and pose files.  Similar to StudioLibrary, so use that if you prefer, but this is included in the vseTools package anyway.

character poses

A collection of pre-built poses for h301 rig, plus the ability to save and apply poses to any rig or objects.  Uses object names to apply data, so only applies to matching objects (accounting for namespaces).  Pose files are simple text files where each line is just [objectName].[attribute]=[value], so they’re fixable with any text editor or simply overwriting them with new pose save.

animation copying

Copy animation from one object to another or from an entire rig to another rig.  Has options to choose selected keys only and apply pasting at current frame.  First selected object/rig is the source, will paste to all other selected objects or rigs.  Uses object names to assign data, ensuring animation won’t be applied to the wrong controls.

advanced path animation system

A better way to create path animation.  Creates a locator with all the desired motionPath variables exposed in the channel box, making animation and fine-tuning significantly easier and faster. Adds three levels of uValue control to allow precise animation even on really long paths such as for cars, airplanes or space ships.  The “keep vertical” option allows for better character walk paths when traversing hills or stairs.

projectile calculation with gravity

Handles all the physics calculations to create projectile objects with keyframes accounting for speed and gravity.

curve tools

A collection of curve manipulation tools.  Create curves from existing animated objects, set pivots, add CVS

speed measurement tools

Create a live speed meashurement on any object.  Create attributes directly on selected object or use a speed locator attached to the object (for referenced assets).  Has readouts for miles/hour, km/hour, meters/second, feet/second.  Choose how the calculation interprets scene units (e.g. 1cm = 1ft, or 1cm = 10cm, etc).

h301 shortcuts, poses, walk cycle generation

A full UI of buttons for h301 rig. Select or apply keyframes to rig components, fkik matching, pose/animation mirroring and copying, quick poses for body and hands. Generate a rudimentary walk cycle based on the proportions of the character.


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