Studio Production Tools and Production Services

feature highlights:

camera referencing

Load your pre-configured project camera into the scene. Uses references to ensure conformity across project/sequence for all artists.

camera management and shortcuts

Select cameras in the UI.  Enable camera switching in viewports.

camera sequencer automation and tools

Create sequencers from ADF, EDL or JSON files to conform to animatics.  Batch create shot nodes, create shot nodes for selected cameras, add full scene frame holds, assign cameras, conform timing.

camera shake system

Generate camera shake from UI parameters or load an existing shake preset.  Creates keyframes on the “shake” camera that are easy to edit, scale and retime after creation.  Load and save presets to a project library or global repository.

Playblast management with automated path/output generation

Playblast filenames and output directories generated automatically from scene file data.  Choose from three default destinations based on studio or project pipeline definitions.  Options to Iterate through render layers, launch and auto-render After Effects.  Batch playblast sequencer shot nodes.

thumbnail generation

Creates a thumbnail image of the current frame for the vseHUD slate frame.

Playblasting render layers

Choose which renderLayers you want to use and it will iterate through each layer.  This is exceptionally useful for postvis, or separating elements for post rendering in After Effects or Nuke.

Playblasting sequencer shots

Select the shots you want and go.  It will do all of the ones you have selected.

scene file navigation

Easily navigate through your project sequences and shot files without have to click through a dozen folders in the file browser dialog. Opens a file browser directly to the selected folder.


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