Studio Production Tools and Production Services

Production Services

We offer a variety of technical services on a contract basis. Contact us for more information.

Character Rigging

  • h301 character etup
  • Custom characters, props, vehicles
  • Unreal engine compatibility

Pipeline Development

  • Asset managment
  • Organization
  • Naming conventions
  • Standardizations

Custom automation scripts (python)

  • File conversions
  • Asset packaging
  • Maya, Unreal, Nuke, After Effects, ffmpeg

General problem solving

  • Broken rigs
  • Coordinate space mismatches
  • Scale issues
  • math and physics calculations

Visualization Services

We are available for pre/post visualization as a subcontractor or direct hire. Our artists have over ten years experience at Halon Entertainment, Piximodo, Opsis, and Netflix Animation. Contact us for more information.


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