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slate and hud

The vseHUD system provides a customizable viewport overlay.  You can choose what information is displayed, and you can move, align, resize every element.  Add logos or other images and set their position, scale, opacity.  Optionally use the slate frame which has it’s own visual arrangement of data.

Every HUD element has options for hud visibility, slate visibility, hud position, slate position.  Images have options for opacity and scale, and font size can be set globally.

global settings

Some attributes control settings for all elements.  Font, font size, background color/opacity are all global settings.

selectable data display

Only display what you want and put it where you want.  Each data element has options for hud and slate visibility.

moveable data readouts

Only display what you want and put it where you want. Each data element has options for hud and slate position.

logos and images

Add your studio or client studio logo.   Add a project logo.  Move them where you want them.  Set the scale and opacity. Choose whether they’re visible on the HUD or the Slate or both.  Generate a thumbnail* of the current shot for the slate when playblasting.  Define its scale and position.

*if the current scene file has no existing thumbnail it will use a placeholder image instead.  Use the placeholder image to define the position and scale of the thumbnail.  On playblast, the current frame will be used to generate the thumbnail and replace the placeholder image.


Your project supervisor should customize your HUD setup and then save it as a preset.  The latest preset will be the default setup every time the vseHUD node is initiated in a shot file.  The UI provides easy access to other presets, as well as the ability to save new presets.

Presets are saved to your project’s camera asset directory, but they can be migrated to other projects using the vseTools utility UI.


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