Studio Production Tools and Production Services

feature highlights:

joint creation

Make joints.  Select stuff and make joints at selections.  Add joints in between.

special rigs

Ropes, ribbons, tentacles and more.

complex joint chain setup

make a joint chain and then use this to create an fk/ik/dynamic/ribbon setup with switches and controls.  Rig an arm or a leg in less than five minutes.  Set up that ponytail to whip around or swing in the breeze.

creating control objects

Cubes! Arrows! Circles! Spheres! Changeable colors!.  Make nurbsCurve objects automatically aligned with your selections.  Automatically constrain them on creation.


Analyze your rigs for common mistakes.  Clean up junk. Rename stuff.  Create transform null offsets.  Transfer attributes and connections to other objects.  Visibility switches, attribute blenders and more.


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