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feature highlights:


Icon-based UI browser for a library of pre-build shading networks.  Single-click to load material’s maya file to the loading fields at the top.  Double-click to open a larger preview of the material.

creating thumbnails

Do this in the material’s maya file (export your shading network to your shader library, open that file).  This scene file should contain the shader network and nothing else.  Use the options at the top of the Ui to create your thumbnails and preview images.  Choose gemetry to be displayed (cube, sphere, plane) and execute.  It will do the rest.  Use the clear junk button to delete all the stuff it just created.  Shader files should not contain anything other than the shading network.

library management

Various other tools are provided to create shader networks from scratch, fix texture paths, batch create shaders from a texture library and more.


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