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vseTools is a large array of artist tools designed from an animator’s/artist’s perspective, making almost every aspect of the job easier and faster by providing numerous shortcuts and automation while eliminating tedious tasks and human error.

vseTools provides a streamlined workflow around asset management and shot/sequence production in Maya with a semi-automated throughput to the Unreal Engine.

These tools were designed around a previsualization workflow but are highly adaptable to any new or existing animation or layout pipeline of any scale.

These tools have been utilized in professional environments at Opsis, Parallax Studios, Netflix Animation, Pixomondo and Halon Entertainment.


A collection of keyframe, motionPath, character tools, posing, animation libraries and other tools to make animating easier and faster with many useful features and shortcuts.


Manage and navigate your project assets and global libraries with an efficient icon-based browser.  Many tools for loading, referencing, importing, aligning, snapping, replacing scene content.  Asset publishing, file management, texture replacement and icon generation in an easy to use interface.


Navigate to your sequences and shot files easier and faster.  Create a dedicated camera asset for each project with customizable settings.  Manage scene cameras with many convenient tools.  Access and utilize technical data with built-in camera features and a fully customizable HUD overlay.    Intuitively add camera shake.  Generate camera sequences from ADF or EDL or JSON files.  Auto generate paths for playblasts, utilize render layers, and can send results to After Effects.

Proprietary camera rig

A pre-built master camera rig that allows you to spawn off dedicated camera assets for each project.  Includes customizable lens packs and film back settings to match real-world cameras.   Has built in technical data for height, distance, speed, depth of field, tilt/pan/roll, etc.    Intuitive keyframe-based camera shake system that’s easy to apply, easy to edit and can save/load shake presets.

Proprietary hud overlay

A fully customizable viewport overlay.  Create a master HUD for your studio and/or project-specific HUD that will be immediately available to all your shot artists.  Choose which data is displayed. Arrange, align and resize elements to your needs.  Add logos and overlays.  Enable a slate frame with its own data arrangement, including a screen grab of the current shot inset into the slate.

Proprietary character rig

The third generation of VSE’s human rig: h301.  Auto-build to a customizable placement skeleton or auto-match and control pre-built characters from external sources such as Reallusion or the Unreal marketplace.  Ensure consistent node names to enable pose matching and animation copying.  A collection of quick poses is included with a system to save more poses and animation.  Includes a walk cylce generator to create a very basic walk cycle that fits the proportions of the character.

rigging tools

An extensive toolset for creating rigs and controls.  Auto setups for complex joint chains with fk/ik/dynamic switching, spline iks or ribbon rigs (they’re like spline ik but twistable).  Numerous utilities for setting up controls and switches.

shader library browser

An icon-based browser for pre-built materials.  Great for generic, repeating materials such as concrete, metal, wood, grass, etc.  Easily select and assign shaders to scene objects.  Generate material icons with a single button click.

unreal workflow tools

Automatically convert your rigged Maya assets to clean fbx files to load into the Unreal Editor.  Guarantees clean skeletons and meshes and works with any type of rig.  Batch bake Maya animation on scene content to create animation for Unreal assets.  Convert node-based scene animation to joint-based animation.  Export animation on deformed meshes to  send to Unreal.  All features are non-destructive to Maya scene content and preserves existing rigs and file references.


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