Production Tools for Maya, Unreal and  After Effects

Build content faster with advanced, user-friendly tools and streamlined workflow.

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Professional studio tools designed for small creative teams, independent creators or large studios.

vseTools are designed from an artist's perspective to massively improve workflow in Maya, the Unreal Engine editor and After Effects.   These solutions are scalable for large studios, but really accelerate the productivity of individual creators and small teams who don't have access to a large studio's systems or infrastructure. These tools reduce the overall time and effort required to produce content, enabling smaller teams to produce more conent.


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Asset Tools


Camera and Shot Management Tools

Camera Asset

Manage production assets and generic 3D assets is an easy-to-use browser with thumbnails. Allows quick access to importing or referencing assets in bulk and with several options for aligning and offsetting. Provides easy navigation to asset scene files.

A large variety of shortcuts and animation systems designed to make animation easier and faster.

Several variations of keyframe manipulation, including noise, vibration, offsets incrementation and randomization.

Easy and user-friendly motion path system with super friendly curve editing tools.

Speed and position data for any selected objects.

Shortcuts for  selection and keyframing rig controls for almost any rig.

Full set of integrated tools for vse's human rig
Control selection/keying,
Quick poses for common poses (sit, stand, drive, dead bodies, etc)

Full Mocap transfer system with pre-bake editable FK.

A full camera system with intuitive UI

Manage  scene cameras and create references to a pre-defined production camera.  This ensures consistency across artitsts/shots.

Full HUD system with Matte aspect ratio overrides.

Easy to use camera shake:
Quickly apply user-defined camera shake or shake presets.
Create and save custom shake presets with the sceneTools UI

Playblast system that automatically acquires file path and file name information, cycles through render layers, and works with Maya's render setup and camera sequencer.

Full feature Maya camera asset.

Built in anim/shot cam and a shake/output cam parented to it.

Film back presets attribute to match known real-world cameras.

Setable/Editable prime lens pack definition.

Built in measurement tools for subject distance, height, speed, tilt, pan, roll, focus depth.

Camera Shake system that sets normal keyframes instead of expressions. Easy to apply with the sceneTools UI and easy to edit in the graph editor.

Quickly apply shake presets and create and save custom shake presets with the sceneTools UI

Unreal Tools

After Effects Tools

Coming Soon...

Simplified and automated processes for exporting animation, cameras  and assets from Maya in fbx format for Unreal Engine.

Works with any skeletal asset that is consistent with Unreal Engine.

Creates blendShape/morph asset out of non-skelatal mesh assets so you can transfer your Maya deformer animation to the Engine.

Automated ingest of assets and animation into Engine Editor, , level creation, sequencer setup for cinematics

Coming Soon...

Applies HUD data from a .csv file generated from playblast.
Automatically create projects from a template project, ingest footage and set frame ranges.

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